Vision and Visibility Strategy Session

Are you busy, busy, busy creating various pieces of content, posting on social media but don't feel that any of this content is actually aligned, doesn't drive your audience towards a particular service and doesn't actually connect with your ICA?

Do you have various freebies but you've got lost in how they relate to your overall message?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ideas, goals and what to focus on when, and would love to create a strategy of what to do when?

Then you would love the Vision + Visibility Strategy Session - your dedicated time to take a step back, breathe and work with me to focus on how best you can serve your audience.


This is right for you if:

✔️  You need to take some time to objectively review your content and who you're serving
✔️  You'd love a range of relevant and purposeful prompts to inspire you with your posts
✔️  You want your micro content (social media posts) to feed into an overall marketing plan of macro content (blogs/podcast episodes)
✔️  You'd like an easy to use system of post ideas to use in the future
✔️  You feel as though there isn't a strategy in place, and right now you're just 'posting'.

The Vision and Visibility Strategy Session is an investment of £229 and includes:

  • a detailed pre-session questionnaire which will help me get to know you, your goals, and who you serve
  • an in depth 2 hour Zoom call where we drill down into your overall message and how you're sharing it.  I'll have researched your brand, your freebies and paid content, and will use this alongside your questionnaire answers to create a clear path for your audience to take, and build up a meaningful Plan Of Attack document for you to use going forward.
  • we'll also discuss the lifespan of one piece of content and how to repurpose it to gain maximum exposure to your audience
  • BONUS: 7 days of email support following our call as you implement - including prompts to help keep you on track
  • BONUS: My 5 Things secret formula to growing your biz, plus downloadable checklist
"I booked a Vision & Visibility Session with Laura & what can I say ... A-MAZing! Up to now, I have actively avoided marketing because it's just not my bag. Every time I thought of putting out content, I got completely overwhelmed. Laura has the most amazing knack of seeing beyond the busy-ness in my head, helping me to focus on specific tasks & services. I have a clear strategy & feel super motivated to get going. Best investment I've made for a while."
Anne-Marie Lynch
Blueway Business Solutions

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