VIP Intensives

Imagine what it would be like to get clear on what you need to do to scale your business with ease AND to make a solid plan to make it happen – all in ONE powerful session!

Are you a high-achieving, motivated and scaling business owner who is feeling stuck in the ‘doing’ of your business? You know that your business has the potential to grow but you just need to get clarity on what you need to do to get there.

For you, this could be...

  • Streamlining your business systems + processes so you’re working on the right things, pinpointing what can be automated within your business to carve back time in your day
  • Audit your optins/lead magnets, funnels and customer journey
  • Launching the course you've been dreaming of - creating a strategy and plan so it is the mega success you dream of
  • Reviewing how you work, where the blocks are and what can be easily implemented to be more productive
  • Create a plan to scale to the next level - including launch, team and tech

Which is right for you?


The Uplevel is a 2 hour session focused on creating a plan to get past the block in your business stopping you from scaling.

We focus on one key area of your business during this time and dig deep.

These sessions cover whatever is holding you back right now:

It could be streamlining and automating your processes so you can scale with ease,

working more productively 

or creating a social media plan that works for you.

The session includes a detailed pre-session questionnaire, shared google drive with action plan plus 7 days of email or Voxer support so you know I’m there to support you as you implement. 




My most popular session, this 4 hour VIP Intensive uses my framework to dig into what’s working right now and what isn’t, and how to create the plan to make it happen.

We look at your goals for your business and create a realistic plan to #makeithappen, and audit your systems, workflows, processes and strategy to mak sure they are alligned with your goal.

The session includes a detailed pre-session questionnaire, shared google drive with action plan plus 14 days of email or Voxer support so you know I’m there to support you as you implement. 




The Gamechanger is exactly that - a complete gamechanger for your business. This package is magical as you see huge transformation with very little time commitment.

Just imagine; you will have a completely different business to the one you had 24 hours previously. Now THAT is a gamechanger.




How does it work?

The sessions are INTENSE! We'll first hop on a call to determine which is right for you - you can apply for this discovery call here.

Before our time together, you’ll receive your VIP Intensive Welcome Pack which you’ll complete and return so that I can prepare and ensure we make the most of our time together.

We'll engage in a powerful working session, where we’ll create plans and strategies in our shared Google Folder that you can then work on when our time together has ended.

You can choose to record some or all of the session if you choose, however as we collaboratively make notes most of my clients don’t feel they need to do this (plus, I know you don’t have the time to rewatch the session)

The post session email or Voxer support means I’m there to help you as you implement over the coming days.

Is it for me?

Each and every VIP Intensive is unique, the content of each one will fit exactly what you need right now to clear the hurdles of your business growth and help you thrive

"I came to work with Laura after doing group coaching on and off for 16 months. I had no idea how to reach my niche audience who might need my service. The group coaching helped get me organised and made me understand it was possible to achieve my dream, but] I came to recognise that I needed individually tailored and consistent one to one support for 1) an overall plan that could be hashed out quickly and succinctly – my dreams and her know how 2) practical everyday support to help me stay on course and calm my nerves 3) copy editing that honours my style but explains why it might need to be expressed differently and 4) specific strategic planning so I could reach my goals to give value and receive compensation consistently.  

Having Laura on my team has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. "
Roberta Weber

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