Guest Blog from Natalie Prior at Priority Copy: 5 ways a blog will help grow your business

Have you considered writing a blog for your business but aren’t sure if it’s worth the time and effort? Well, spoiler alert, it is! Blogging is an effective way to grow your brand if you hone in on your overall objectives from the off and develop a solid content strategy.Think about what you want to achieve from your blog and what each post needs to include to meet this aim.Perhaps you want to generate leads or increase traffic to your website? Or maybe you want to build brand awareness, educate your audience or reinforce your core values?

Whatever your goals, set them out from the start and keep them in mind whenever you write.

Here are 5 ways to boost your business with a blog:


​1. Write for your audience
Before you put pen to paper, think about who you are writing for and why. Research what your audience wants to read more of from you by posting a survey on social media or think about the questions your customers ask you most often and answer them in your blog posts.
To fully engage with your audience, try to find the crossover between your expertise and what they want to read about.
A blog can be an effective way to sell your product or service as you can go into more detail and answer more questions than on a sales page. But aim to inform, engage and motivate your audience rather than being too salesy. Make your copy persuasive not pushy.2. Build credibility and trust 
Writing a blog is a powerful way to establish your business as an expert in your field. If you focus on long-form content of at least 800 words you can delve deeper into topics to showcase your knowledge and establish credibility.
Create blog posts which build awareness of your brand, educate the reader or emphasise your business’ core values and explain how your product or service provides a solution to your customers’ problems. Answering their questions not only provides a service but helps to build trust.

3. Be consistent 
It’s important to be consistent with your content strategy by planning ahead, focusing on your overall goals and posting regularly.
Create a content calendar with specific topics scheduled for set dates and block out time in your calendar for content creation and promotion on social media or in email marketing.
Revisit your blog monthly or quarterly to see if the content is still relevant. Update old blog posts with new information if they’re out of date or delete them if they’re no longer relevant.

4. Optimise 
If you want your blog to be ranked highly by search engines you should research your subject and use keywords aligned with your brand and the solutions you offer to drive your target audience to your website.
Your blog posts should contain keywords, phrases and challenges that your customers are typing into Google with a focus on long-tail keywords which are less competitive.
If you want to improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you should focus on answering Frequently Asked Questions to give your audience quick answers to their questions. Or if you want to engage the reader, you should write topical or brand awareness-related blogs with SEO-friendly sub-headings.

5. Lead the way
Create a customer journey to generate leads from your content by using a Call to Action with a clear next step at the end of each blog post.
You can direct the reader to your products or services; prompt them to sign up to your newsletter for free tips; or ask them to book an appointment or discovery call, for example.
A clear Call to Action from a well-written blog will help to convert leads into sales.

Over to you
Now you understand the benefits of blogging for your business, you’re ready to get started writing your own blog posts.

Need more help?
If you lack the time or know-how to write engaging and persuasive blog posts, I offer affordable blog writing packages for small business owners and specialise in working with female founders.

To book a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss your requirements, fill in the contact form at www.prioritycopy.co.uk or email prioritycopy1@gmail.com. You can also find me on Instagram or Facebook @prioritycopy.


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