Guest Blog from Beatrice Lugano: How to get unstuck when you're struggling with a creative block

Often as an entrepreneur, especially if you have a creative business, you are required to perform creatively and it can happen to experience creative block.

As a former fashion photographer, I have struggled many times with creative performance and creative block: back in my twenties, I suffered from panic attacks because I had to meet the deadlines and keep up creativity and production.For this reason, one of my main topics of support as a consultant now is to help creative entrepreneurs reaching flow state on-demand and peak performance. And this means also to support them by getting unstuck from their creative blocks.

I have identified 5 different ways we can experience it. Once we become aware of what kind of block we are experiencing, it is easier for us to get unstuck.I will list them here, with some techniques and helpful ways to overcome them.Please remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint, and going on with this work of bringing attention and awareness to the situation will improve the results.

The Mental Block
Very often when we are stuck, it is because we are too much in our brain. Shifting from our mental brain to our heart intelligence will allow us to overcome the mental blocks.

But what is our heart intelligence and how can we shift from our brain to it?

Our heart has millions of connections and has its own independent complex nervous system known as the “brain in the heart”. The heart directs and aligns many systems in the body so that they can function in harmony with one another.

Researches have proved that different patterns of heart activity can have different effects on the brain. If we get into heart-brain coherence we can shift emotional stress and mental stuckness.

Heart brain coherence involves the active engagement of positive emotions.

How can we step into our hearts?
- Through the Tibetan heart meditation (bringing attention to our heart and visualizing
breathing through it)
- By bringing awareness to how we touch things, feeling how we perceive them (touch
with the heart)
- By listening to music visualizing it flowing into our heart center
- By looking with our heart (putting all of our attention to the task)

The Emotional Block
If the block that we experience is emotional we can easily feel overwhelmed and can not have a clear view.
The number one thing to do is to detach ourselves from our emotions. We are not them and they eventually will pass, so this is the number one thing to do. Bringing awareness to our emotions and allowing us to feel them, can let them become less intense in a shorter period of time.

The source of our emotions is internal, not external and the external circumstances are only triggering a reaction or a response.

It is up to us how we react to that.

Bringing the emotions in our heart and accepting them, allowing them to be fully expressed can alchemyze them.

The Judgement
Judgement and especially self-judgement can really put us into paralysis. Judgement is directly connected to our inner power and perception and to how we were shaped during our childhood.

The way in which we can transcend self judgement and the monkey mind is always to observe the emotional charge that judgement that we express about others or about ourselves has on us. If we want to transcend the judgement we have to accept it.

Acceptance is a very powerful tool that we can use to unblock ourselves. Every judgement can be transformed with it.

Observing where in our life the same judgements happen over and over again, can make us shift them and this brings a high release of energy.

When we will start doing this process we will start to feel better and our personal power will increase.

Limiting Beliefs
If we experience a block from a limiting belief it can be difficult to overcome, since the limiting beliefs are often unconscious. They are like programs launched in the background of the super sophisticated computer that is our psychophysical system.

Since it is programming, the best way to overcome a limiting belief is to change the pattern. If we are used to act in a specific way and get always the same, often frustrating result, we can act in a total different way to change the outcome. This change in the pattern will easily scare us. It is what is experienced as resistance. Overcoming resistance will make us rewrite the belief.

Limiting beliefs are directly connected with responsibility. When we realize we are the co-creators of our reality and we shift our perception from the victim state to sovereignty it will be easy for us to shift them.

Limited Vision
Sometimes we are unable to visualize the big picture. Having a wider view can grant us a better awareness. But sometimes this is not possible. So, if we become aware that we have a block in our vision, we can unblock us by being still and silent and with the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Bringing attention to everyday tasks, like. for example, focusing on one specific activity (drinking the morning coffee, washing the dishes, cleaning, etc.) allows us to have a better connection with our vision and it will improve it from day to day.

Let me know what kind of block do you experience in your business the most and if these tips have been useful for you! If you have questions you can reach out to me at hello@beatricelugano.com

A former fashion photographer turned creative consultant, Beatrice Lugano has 20+ years of experience in creative entrepreneurship. Right now she is passionate about helping creatives reaching flow state on demand and avoiding burnout and feast or famine.

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