A simple and scaleable system and business foundation to support you as you step out of the weeds and into the visionary role as a leader to take your business to the next level?

No more trying to remember what needs doing, finding your way clunkily around your tech and knowing deep down that this could all run so much smoother.

Now: imagine you could have this overnight? Sounds magical and too good to be true, right?

What would having the right structure, systems and processes in place do for your business?
Imagine finally getting clarity, an organised structure so that you get more time to scale your business?

The Gamechanger Session is exactly that. I work on your business for 24 hours to quite literally, transform it overnight.

sound familiar?

Your business is growing from strength to strength (yay!) but you're starting to realise that the only way you're going to be able to scale is by having the right systems, foundations + tech in place.
BUT you don't have time or inclination to figure out a system... and the nuts-and-bolts of creating the back office your business needs (including what tech is actually worth investing in and using) - well, it's a massive headache you keep putting off.
You're not ready to invest in an Online Business Manager on an ongoing basis but you know that you desperately need expertise and a pinch of magic to stop you drowning.
Which is why we're going to do it overnight... (sounds too good to be true, right?).

We'll have a pre-session 2 hour call where we outline your goals, hurdles and areas that need attention.

 We'll look at your current offers and processes and give them a spring clean to make sure they're right for you.


We'll dig into what's working and what isn't, where you're spending your time, what tech you're using and what your vision is for the future (both for your business and how you work).

Then, you nab one of two slots available in my diary every month where I will work JUST on your business that day.  That's 24 hours to transform your business (which would take MONTHS if you worked with an OBM on a monthly basis).

We start the day with a quick kick off call to revisit our agenda for the day, I'll update you on my progress via Voxer, Slack or your preferred channel - getting you to sign off and give feedback in real time. We'll then have a quick wrap up handover call first thing the next morning.  (Plus 21 days support as you embed and integrate into your day to day life).

And then, as if by magic you will have a completely different business to the one you had 24 hours previously. 

Now THAT is a gamechanger.

Imagine feeling excited again about your business and having the Holy Grail...CLARITY!

(And because I'm here cheerleading you every step of the way, we'll have ongoing support for 21 days while you implement, so we can iron out any success blocks).

You're just 24 hours away from clarity and having confidence that the systems you have in place will transform your business

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Lady sitting at coffee table with laptop

"I had loads of projects going on all at once, and Laura somehow came up with a system where I feel I'm on top of it all, whereas before I was being driven insane with post its! She's taken it out of my brain to create workflows and tasks and ideas in there so I'm ready to get on with it.”


Headshot of Laura holding up a mug

Hey! I’m Laura, and I help fabulous female founders create the business and life they deserve – because life’s too short to be chained to our desk from 9-5 doing the same thing over and over again.

I know you’re a business owner who is brilliant at what you do - you've grown quickly and ended up doing all the things, and even finding time to delegate to your VA feels overwhelming. You feel so deep in your biz you can’t see a way to start becoming the CEO you are truly meant to be.

With a few tweaks and some proven strategies from yours truly you’ll have everything you need to get clarity and feel in control of your business again.

I'll help you get all of your ideas out of your head and create a seamless system to help you wave goodbye to the overwhelm.

Have a question?

I have two spaces per month where I am bookable to work JUST on your business for 24 hours. 

We have an onboarding call which lasts 1 hour and I share a deep dive questionnaire. 

I'll then give you a checklist of what you need to share with me before the session.

We have a kick off call first thing, open our comms channel (Slack, Voxer, Messenger or Email) and I work on your business over the next 24 hours. I reach out to you for proofing, checking and feedback so that you can review + resolve in real time. We then have a very short handover call the next morning.

Don't worry - we have 21 days Voxer or email support to ensure that your implementation is seamless and we tweak anything that needs tweaking.

The 2 hour pre-session, questionnaire and then booking out my diary for 24 hours, with 21 days ongoing support from me costs £1299.  Payment plan available (£650 payable on booking, £650 payable 24 hours before the booked out date).

This process uses Asana which is a free project management tool. You can upgrade to the paid version but this is not necessary to use effectively. On our pre-session call we'll discuss what you're currently using and I'll make any recommendations then.

I do, but that would be part of the package in the sister company I have founded, The Launch Collective. Please let me know if that's what you're looking for and I'll share the details.

Clarity, organisation and ease. Your business will flow effortlessly. You'll feel more in control and have a clear line of sight of what's happening in your business, clear paths and roadmaps for projects, clients and products so that you and your team can stay on track.

Don't worry, you get lifetime access to a video library of 'how to's' and remember, you have ongoing support for 21 days. If you have any questions that aren't covered by the videos in that time, I'll create a new one for you!

Nicky Lowe
"Honestly the work we've done together has been incredible.  I've been raving about you to everyone! So impressed with your ability to go from strategic to tactical. And to be creative and organised - very rare to find someone with those strengths combined. I've come away with a real sense of clarity and motivation."


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