Five quick wins to get more organised and create more time in your week

How are your new year resolutions going?

Was one of them to be more organised this year?

If you find yourself chasing your tail and never getting to the end of your to do list, here are some quick and easy wins for immediate impact...

Make your inbox work for you

  • Use templates for regularly used emails (ie onboarding a new client, sending over a quote etc).  Here's how to do it in Gmail and MS Office
  • If you need to action an email on a certain day, create a task in your calendar from the email (here's how in Gmail) or forward it to a specific Asana board
  • Take a look at my earlier blog post on tackling inbox chaos

Take back control! 


  • Whether its using ZapierIFTTT or starting smaller by setting up recurring invoices to your clients, getting automated is the key to creating more time in your day.   
  • As you run through recurring tasks, think about whether there could be a way of making this easier... are you going backwards and forwards with clients when you set up calls?  Why not share a Calendly link or create a Doodle?
  • If you really think now is the time to start investing, you may also like to check out Dubsado or Kajabi

Get clever with your social media

  • Download my FREE ten page guide to Getting To Grips With Instagram here
  • If you're a keen Instagram user, I really recommend investing in Flick (used by Insta Queen Alex Beedon).  It takes so much guesswork out of your hashtag strategy and is a great investment (you get 7 days free trial and then plans start at £9.99 - go check it out here)
  • Got a treasure trove of blogs that you've only shared once?  These are perfect for when you're having a busy week. Soooo many options...
    • Turn them into new, relevant social posts
    • Add to LinkedIn as articles 
    • Reshare the blog (you've likely got new followers since originally published, or existing followers may have missed it)
  • Check out my earlier blog with a huge checklist of social ideas for when you aren't feeliing very creative - there are loads of ways you can check in with your people even when you're feeling too busy to create.​

Outsourcing is the smart business owner's secret weapon 

  • Whether you invest in a cleaner, bookkeeper, VA, OBM, Social Media Manager, there is someone out there that can help reduce your workload so that you can focus on what you do best - serving your clients and winning new business!

​If you want even more tips, check out this blogfrom a couple of months ago.  Or, if the time has come for you to get an extra pair of hands onboard, head this way to find out if I'm a good fit to work with you.

For endless marketing tips, productivity secrets and hacks that will change your life, head this way!


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