5 ways to up your Insta game

So...you’ve got your head round Insta and then they go and change things, add new functions and totally throw you.

Sound familiar?

If you don’t yet use Instagram, or perhaps have fallen out with it, you might not think it’s the right platform for you. 

OK... but what about if I tell you that Insta has 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million of those use it DAILY. 

Holy Moly - that’s a lot of potential clients just waiting to connect with you.

Here’s a quick round-up of 5 trends we’re going to see on Instagram this year - and how you can use them to make your Insta super engaging and exciting for your trusty band of followers...

Love Stories? Loathe Stories?  Whichever it is, they're here to stay.  Instagram is prioritising them more and more (have you noticed they’re now embedded in your feed a few times as you scroll through your feed?). With the rise of IGTV, and the general leaning toward our preference to consume video content, you need to be including Stories in your Insta strategy. 

How to implement:  make sure they're as engaging as possible to make that Instagram Algorithm take notice of them. You can do this with polls, questions and don't forget to add a hashtag and location to each one to increase your reach.

Now that users are getting their heads round IGTV it’s starting to become a staple in Instagram content consumption. You’re able to upload a video of up to 10 minutes - just think about how much you can engage with your audience in that time!

How to implement:  think of a blog or podcast you're thinking of creating and think about whether you can turn it into a video?  

No likey?
You’ve probably seen that Instagram is rolling out it’s new policy of hiding likes.  What do you think? I think this is great for lots of reasons - it will encourage genuine engagement, it will promote healthier relationships with social media and generally (hopefully) make it less of a point scoring ‘my likes v your likes’ place to be.

How to implement:  Have you downloaded my FREE 10 page Insta guide yet?  Grab it here

Goodbye perfectionism
Hours spent curating a pristine feed are being ditched in favour of mixing it up and showing a bit of personality - take a read of this article

How to implement:  mix it up a bit, and don’t feel constrained to spend three hours creating THE perfect flatlay.  Just make sure you keep your colours/fonts on brand so there is still a level of cohesiveness.

Longer and longer spent on the platform
Instagram is the plaform that users spend the most amount of time - and this has increased since Stories have gained in popularity:
Before Stories - users spent an average of 15-21 mins on Insta
Since Stories -  users spend an average of 25-32 mins on Insta*

How to implement: create content that adds value to your followers, shows who you are and most importantly why they should work with you.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to come and say hi to me on my Insta 
(* stat courtesy of Alex Beadon)


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