5 tips to supercharge your Insta engagement

​If you’re dabbling on Insta, but it’s just not clicking into place, keep reading: I’ve got 5 effective and easy ways you can immediately start feeling the Insta love: 

Post more than one image

Have you noticed that if someone shares a post with multiple images and you just swipe to see a couple of them, the next in the series will appear high up on your grid next time you’re there? Creating carousel posts also allows you to share so much more with your audience - more tips, before/after transformations, step by step how to’s etc!How to implement?
Think of a product or service you want to market this month - how can you break down it’s features and benefits into several graphics?

Connect don’t Collect
Follower numbers mean nada - it’s all about having a small but mighty tribe of loyal and engaged followers, those that you have built relationships with and a genuine connection.  Yesterday I was looking at a profile which has 66k followers but on the past 3 posts they’ve had 2-3 comments and 20 likes. Hmmmmm.

So much better to have a couple of hundred followers and great engagement on your posts.

How to implement?
Be social and respond to every comment.
Share posts you love, let people know when something they’ve shared has resonated with you.  Actively participate on Instagram rather than endless scrolling and mindless double tapping.

Tell Stories
Love Stories? Loathe Stories?  Whichever it is, they're here to stay.  Instagram is prioritising them more and more (have you noticed they’re now embedded in your feed a few times as you scroll further down your feed?). With the rise of IGTV, and the general leaning toward our preference to consume video content, you need to be including Stories in your Insta strategy.

How to implement?
Make sure they're as engaging as possible to make that Instagram Algorithm take notice of them. You can do this with polls, questions and don't forget to add a hashtag and location to each one to increase your reach.

Tell your followers what to do
Adding a Call To Action (CTA) to the majority of your posts will instantly transform your posts! Want them to head to your website to check out your new blog? Tell them! Want to know what their opinion is? Ask them!

How to implement?
I’ve got a swipe file of CTA’s that I share with my Insta Mentoring Session clients which they love - so why not create your own?  Think of all the ways that would work for you and keep it handy.

Post what they want to see!
Take a look at your insights - which posts are getting the most love? Those are the posts that your audience want to see from you, so think of ways to expand on that.

How to implement?
Check your insights - which posts in the last 3 months got the most saves, profile clicks, website clicks and engagement?  If there’s a theme, those are the posts to concentrate on.

How I can help you learn to love Insta!
So I love IG more than Netflix + Margaritas, and want you to, as well!
The majority of my new leads come from either Instagram or Word of Mouth (from past clients who found me on Insta!) so I know it works, and I want it to be just as fruitful for you too.

1. Grab my free Insta Guide here which has got everything you need to know about hashtags, engagement and content ideas.

2. Book a 1:1 session for us to dig into what you’re doing now and how you can tweak a few things to see immediate impact - we talk hashtags, content, engagement + more!

3. Work with me to create a content plan that is authentic to you

And don't forget to come and say hi on Insta and let me know which of these tips works for you


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