5 easy-to-action tips to make you nail your biz goals

Is there any business owner out there who hasn’t been put in a tailspin from the Coronacoaster?
If you have been pivoting, multitasking, thriving, panicking, peaking, reacting (or maybe a combination of all of the above, maybe sometimes all of them on the same day) I’ve got five strategies to help you take a breath and start getting yourself organised and taking control of your business:
Did you know that by writing down a goal, you are more likely to achieve it? And not just a teeny bit, but by 42%?
**Source: Dr Gail Matthews, Dominican University in CaliforniaThat’s enough to make all of us natural list makers start doing a ‘I told you so dance’ isn’t it!​

So - grab a piece of paper/white board or wherever you will remember to regularly look, and write out what you want to achieve in the next 3 months or 90 days.

Why 90 Days?

It's a long enough period of time to complete some meaningful goals while still being short enough to remain focused.
Now you’ve brainstormed everything you want to do, read through the list again and highlight the ones which are:

  • Most achievable
  • Will have the most positive impact on your business

Now, break those larger goals into the individual action steps and the tasks required to achieve them, and commit to working through these sub goals every week to help you achieve your bigger goal.

BONUS: My 5 Things To Thrive Framework is my secret sauce to reaching my goals and growing my business.  It takes the idea of micro goals, and has a checklist of 5 things to do every day, week and month in your business to increase your visibility, keep on top of your admin + housekeeping and make progress, even when you are wildly busy.

What do you do regularly and on repeat in your business? 

It could be onboarding new clients, answering FAQ’s...whatever it is, I guarantee there is something in your business that can be streamlined.This can be through using tech to simplify the process: for example, I use a Dubsado workflow for Discovery Calls, which means clients reach out, schedule an appointment, complete a questionnaire, get confirmation and a reminder without me lifting a finger.  Revolutionary right???Want to try Dubsado?  Here’s a code to get 20% off your first month!

Or, maybe it means getting smart with canned emails, and having a library of emails you regularly send.

To create a canned email template in gmail:  write draft of email -> click on the three dots -> canned email (you’ll need to activate in Settings first)

Whatever it is, look at ways in your business that you can streamline a process and shave 5 mins off little tasks here and there.

One of the biggest factors of overwhelm I see in clients is making the mistake of trying to tell everyone about everything they offer.By getting really clear on who your ideal client is and which of your services are the right ones to be sharing at that time, I guarantee you will instantly feel lighter about your content.By doing Tip 1 above and getting clear on on what your goals are for the next 90 days, that should really help guide your content too.

Chances are during lockdown you've pivoted and added new services, or maybe totally done away with some others. Now is the time to assess everything you do and plan which are the right services to focus on going forward.
  • which light you up inside?
  • which tap into your zone of genius?
  • which get the biggest rave reviews from your clients?
  • which feel like they are filling a niche that no one else is offering?
  • which are the most profitable?

By answering these questions you will be able to to tie in with tips 1 and 3.

Everybody needs someone to hold them accountable, whether it's telling a friend that you're thinking of training for the marathon, or telling your biz buddy over coffee about your plans for the next incarnation of your business growth, by saying it out loud you start to make it happen.Accountability will kickstart your growth, make you take responsibility and validate your ideas.So, let someone know what you're focusing on for the next few months, and where you want to take your business, and just the simple fact of knowing that someone will check in with you on this, will give you that little extra impetus you may need.

If you feel like the tips I've mentioned are exactly what you need in your business, then you would love the Vision + Visibility Strategy Session - where we dig into all this and more.

Or, if you're a self starter, the Go Get Em Workbook covers everything you need to get organised, work smarter and connect with your audience.​


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